Great Teleclass

Thank you, Janice and NAIWE, for sponsoring this afternoon’s great teleclass. We had wonderful participants with good questions and I, for one, had a lot of fun.

If you were on the phone with us and have any questions, please do not hestitate to ask them in a comment here, or email me directly at I know, that’s not the email address I gave over the phone, but it’s the one that works the best.

Thanks, everybody who phoned in. I hope to talk with each one of you soon individually!

Announcement: Free Ghostwriting Teleclass

Have you ever wondered what ghostwriting is really all about? The term gets bantered about a lot these days, but not many people understand what ghostwriting really involves.

Thanks to NAIWE exec Janice Campbell, I’m going to do a free teleclass this Wednesday on the ins-and-outs of ghostwriting for NAIWE. You can sign up right on our site at Teleclass Registration or through my company site at

We’ll be talking about what ghostwriting actually is, and how it differs (greatly!) from co-authoring or collaborating. I’ll explain what it takes to be a ghostwriter, and why it’s not an good occupation for many wonderful writers. And we’ll discuss why ghostwriting has become so popular and accepted–except when it isn’t–and the nature of the ghosting market in 2009.

I’ve done interviews before, but this will be my first real teleclass, a short-version introduction to Ghostwriter Certification Training that I’m opening up to Distance students for the first time this September.

I’m really looking forward to meeting all the NAIWE members on the call–should be a great way for us to get to know each other!

Free Consultation Right Here

Good morning! I’m Claudia Suzanne, a ghostwriting expert and recognized book industry authority. I blog about ghostwriting, writing and editing at I also teach ghostwriting; in fact, I offer the only program that certifies ghostwriters. The next term starts in September. I won’t reinvent the wheel in this blog–everything you’d want to know about the course, my services, and ghostwriting in general is on my site at

Instead, I think this blog should be something I’ve always wanted to do: answering your questions. Granted, there are myriad sites where you can ask and receive answers about writing and literary agents and publisher. This site, therefore, will concentrate on answering questions about GHOSTWRITING: what it is, why you’d want to hire a ghost, how to work with a ghost, why you’d want to learn to ghost, etc., etc., etc.

So I’m throwing the floor open to questions about ghostwriting and ghostwriters. If some writing/editing/agent/publishing questions sneak in, well, okay, I’ll answer those, too. I have served, at one time or another, in everyone of those capacities, and have ghosted or written over 100 books, including some bestsellers, some award-winning novels, and some other highly acclaimed titles.  If I don’t know the answer to your question, I know where to find it!

Looking forward to  great discussions on this delightful site! Talk soon…

Claudia Suzanne