GCT Certificate

Apparently, the universe is tapping me on the shoulder to hold one more private class before I take Ghostwriter Certification Training into CSULB.

This past week, as the department head and I worked out the particulars of expanding GCT into a 2-semester program at a cost approximately 4 times its current rate, I’ve received a number of calls asking about an immediate class. So….

I will teach one last 15-week class on Saturday mornings from 9 AM to Noon PDT starting Nov 3 and running through Feb 9 at the current low price of $1080 plus $130 books.

For a list of topics covered, go to http://wambtac.com/lci/gct/what-youll-learn/.

To read what grads say about the class, go to http://wambtac.com/lci/gct/gct-testimonials/.

To register—and I do mean NOW–go to http://wambtac.com/lci/gct/register/ or call

Due to scheduling concerns, I can only make this offer for an extremely limited time. If the class doesn’t fill immediately, it will be cancelled. Ergo, if you’re interested, please register now!