Call for Submissions

Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program, the only academically supported ghostwriter training in the world (CCPE/CSULB), is seeking authors willing to participate in a unique, free ghostwriting experience. Here’s how it works:

Our students will analyze, restructure, rewrite, and edit your first draft or work-in-progress. You will periodically interact with them via a live computer interface and provide written feedback upon request. At the end of the 10-month course, you will receive one or more marketable versions of your project—all at no cost to you.

We need the following types of nonfiction manuscripts:

  • Memoir
  • Blog to book
  • Relationships
  • Self-help
  • History/politics/current events

We need the following types of fiction manuscripts:

  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Mystery
  • Action/Adventure


Email to:


Attach: your project’s first 50 pages and a Table of Contents (nonfiction) or synopsis (fiction). Send materials as a docx or doc.

Include: your brief bio in the body of the email.

Submission deadline: July 18, 2016

Selected authors will be notified of acceptance on or before August 1, 2016.

All submissions will be regarded as proprietary and confidential. All students sign nondisclosure agreements.

Note: DO NOT send a PDF. DO NOT send multiple submissions.


November Line Editing Workshop

students_group_work-300pxWe just finished this month’s nonfiction workshop, and everyone had a blast. It’s an online, group effort to tighten, brighten, and bring out the rhythm and music in any manuscript, be it web content, nonfiction book, a novel, back-cover material, an article, a white paper, or any other literary work.

Join us for November starting on the 3rd, and submit your material for the group to line edit. Info and registration:

Switch Gender

There you are, a man trying to write female characters or a woman trying to write men. How do you make them believable?

You can fall back on stereotypes. You can lift from your favorite book, TV, or movie characters. Or you can connect to the “other” in your own spirit.

Now, don’t get discouraged; I’m not going “airy-fairy” on you. I’m talking about reaching into the depths of your writer’s psyche and recognizing that you can, if you allow yourself to, get in touch with the opposite gender that resides in us all.

Very few people are all male or all female. Except for those few creatures who live on the extreme ends of the male-female spectrum that ranges from Sweet Young Thing to Manly Man, all women have at least some male sensibilities, just as all men have at least some female sensibilities. It’s only our fear of acknowledging and accepting those attributes that prevent us from having full access to our internal opposites.

Try it! Change your protagonist’s gender. See where it takes you. Don’t default to how you think the opposite gender would view the circumstances. Give yourself permission–as an artist, as a right-brained creator–to be the other gender, to experience the situation as someone with different sexual organs, thought processes, agendas, perspectives, and motivations, someone devoid of your own gender’s stereotypes, prejudices, and preconceptions.

Let me know what happens. Bet it nudges your creativity in ways you never thought possible…

10 Basics in 9 Days

I’ve finally done it: scheduled the ultimate fiction workshop for novelists who need that extra punch to get their manuscripts taken seriously.

We’ll deal with those fundamentals that make up a novel — premise, plot, characters, construction — but from a perspective I pretty much guarantee you’ve never considered before. Want to know what’s great about your novel? I’ll teach you how to figure it out. Can’t figure out what’s keeping it from landing an agent or publisher? I’ll reveal the secret truths that turn insiders away from otherwise wonderful manuscripts.

Basic concepts, totally new ways of approaching them. You’ll never look at writing the same way again!

Check out my other blog at or go directly to for class details and registration. If all goes according to plan, students will receive a free copy of my latest ebook, Ghostwriters Guide to Successful Fiction.

Look forward to seeing you in class!